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Panel Doors

PVCu panel doors have long been part of the suburban ideal – they offer a classic yet modern approach to home security and help to offer a cosy, welcoming feel to anyone who may be visiting.  Certainly, our collection of panel doors here at Prime Glaze are built to feel particularly familiar – and though you can make any bespoke requests you desire of our team of experts, there’s plenty of reasons you may wish to opt for a secure, sturdy and familiar panel door design as standard.


Panel doors from this collection make for great entrances – offering timeless class and quality that withstand the years and considerable use – and what’s more, we are always happy to manufacture and install them to order on each and every project.  Security should always come first, too – which is why all of our doors come fitted with home safety in mind as well as that touch of class you may be looking for in your home or project design.

Panel doors can come in a wide range of colours and styles, meaning that while some of these looks may be considered fairly classic by some people’s standards, you can really make them your own.

Panel Lock

Panel Door

Our Panel doors have a large number of door furniture options, contact our team for more information
Panels can be manufactured with
4mm, 9mm or Solid MDF cores for
added security. Surcharges apply.
Please ask for full details.
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