Bifold Doors

The Bi-fold door is a remarkable way to keep your house and nature at one. Maximising the opening widths of the frame you can quickly and effortlessly guide your stackable doors to the side to enjoy the outdoor fresh air within your home. Shueco’s bi-folding door system is our most popular choice as it gives the users best quality in usability and structural integrity. Our bi-fold doors are made with utmost precision to ensure your home stay cosy in the winter and stays evenly balance while open in the summer.

The Stackable doors can be configured to your taste, and is custom made to suit your opening.
Take a look through the brochures to know your purchase is well justified.



For homes with genuine character, many people opt for bifold doors – which are extremely popular with those who are looking to maximise their space leading from inside the home and into the garden.  These doors, designed and installed to order by our experts, fold right open to grant you an incredible, expansive opening into your grounds beyond – a fantastic asset in the summer when you are entertaining or are simply wanting to make the most of the good weather.


Our bifold doors are made to measure and arrive with durability and ease of use guaranteed – we have incredible flexibility when it comes to these installations, and we will be able to work with you to find the best possible outlet for bringing them into your home.  Bifold doors offer a luxury touch to any dining room or lounge backing onto an expansive garden space – as they effectively allow you to walk from one into the other by taking a whole wall away.  It’s a spectacular sight to behold!


We can provide and install bifold doors to order and to standard – as part of a bespoke design or as a straightforward plan – meaning that no project is too complex nor too simple for our team!