Sliding Doors

Sliding doors have long been a functional design choice of homes looking to maximise light and views into garden areas – ideally installed via the kitchen or dining room – though with functionality and practicality there should always be a focus on aesthetics.  Sliding doors are easy to use and retain the luxury touch that glass fabrication elsewhere in the home is popular for – and here at Prime Glaze, we’re only ever too happy to bring sliding doorways into your home as part of any bespoke needs you may have.


Sliding doors can be implemented as part of a modern or classical design – they are extraordinarily versatile both in terms of look and functionality – meaning that we will always be in a position to help you find the best possible outlet for this type of installation.  They make the perfect addition to any home looking for more light or to help expand a living space into a garden area – they are similar to bifold doors in the respect that they can effectively peel away to blend indoors and outdoors together.


No matter your needs nor the size of your project, we will always be in a position to support you – talk to us about setting up sliding doors for your home or architecture project today!