C.U.in Windows

C.U.in is a revolutionary product that consists of an invisible suspended film within the glazing, creating the most thermally efficient glazing available in the market today. The invisible film acts similar to triple glazing; however, the invisible film is thinner, lighter and provides better thermal efficiency than both double and triple glazing.

With a Ug value of up to 0.4W/m2k, it provides better heat loss, reducing your energy bills considerably over the years. It is a more sustainable and less CO2 demanding product throughout its life from manufacturing, usage and end of life compared to traditional glazing. Not only does it offer better heat loss properties, but it also provides a significant reduction in sound transmission from outside your home, whilst providing better security and solar gain.

C.U.in can also be retrofitted in existing frames, without the need to replace the framework. If you have damaged or condensation windows, it can be replaced with ease and is a far more cost-effective solution.

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