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  • Great daily performance provides this glazing with a perfect balance between light transmission and insulation properties to satisfy regulatory requirements.
  • The pyramid design allows light to flood the space
  • Factory glazed and carefully assembled.
  • Wide choice of glazing options.
  • The warranty on the unit seal lasts for 20 years.

Centre Pane U-value – 1.1 W/m²K

The amount of heat loss is expressed as a U-value. The lower the number equals less heat loss, resulting in better insulation.

Light Transmission – 79%

Enabling maximum amount of natural light to flood in through the roof light, realising the desired bright airy feel in your room

Heat Reflection – 42%

Low solar heat reflection helps to harness the suns energy to heat the room

UV Protection – 68%

Damaging ultraviolet light from the sun’s rays can fade your furniture and furnishings.

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